Sex Offender Classification

Sex Offender Registration and Classification Services

Attorney Crouch is a leading practitioner in the area of sex offender classification, having represented many individuals in registration proceedings and in appeals from unfavorable decisions. As a Massachusetts sex offender registry attorney, he has achieved level reductions, orders of relief from registration and dismissals of proceedings, and secured injunctions preventing the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) from disseminating personal registration information to the public. Attorney Crouch’s approach to litigating sex offender cases, both at the administrative and appellate levels, involves a thorough investigation and review of the record combined with advocacy challenging the jurisdiction and authority of the Board to classify petitioners.

Sex related crimes and punishments are among the most serious matters handled in the Massachusetts criminal law system. When dealing with sexually related offenses, it is crucial to secure representation at an early stage in the process. Attorney Crouch and his staff regularly handle sexually related matters at all stages of the criminal and civil process, including proceedings before the Sex Offender Registry Board.

For most individuals charged with sexually related offenses, the possible imposition of sex offender registry status is a serious concern. The requirement to register as a sex offender can lead to a lifetime of harassment and intimidation, often creating great difficulty in the areas of employment and housing. It is important to have an attorney who thoroughly understands the charging and prosecution of sex offender cases. An experienced, dedicated attorney can help you navigate the pitfalls of the plea negotiation process in order to minimize or eliminate your involvement with the registry process.

For individuals already adjudicated as sex offenders, Attorney Crouch provides representation at all proceedings before the Sex Offender Registry Board, including registration and level classification proceedings. He also represents inmates and other individuals who are the focus of civil commitment proceedings.

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